Jujutsu Chronicles Personal Traits Guide


Jujutsu Chronicles Personal Traits Guide
Interested in learning more about the characteristics of the characters in Jujutsu Chronicles? Luck plays a deciding role in determining which Trait you will receive among the 3 rarities available. Nevertheless, you have the option to roll them again, though it will require spending Robux. Continue reading to discover additional information on the functionality of the Personal Traits feature in the Roblox game.
The Chronicles of Jujutsu! A Roblox game influenced by the sorrowful anime, Jujutsu Kaisen. Join the training grounds of the Jujutsu Academy to enhance your abilities and curses, taking on special-grade enemies in intense battles. Consume Sukuna's fingers to greatly enhance your power, becoming a sorcerer so strong that even Gojo is left behind in your wake. In a game that places a strong emphasis on combat systems. Will your narrative follow the established lore or pave a new path for Japan's destiny?

A guide to personal qualities in The Jyutsu Chronicles

Let's examine all the Personal Traits available in Jujutsu Chronicles. Firstly, let's learn more about the rarities of Personal Traits!

Personal Traits Rarities

  • Mythical: 0.1% Drop Chance
  • Legendary: 14.9% Drop Chance
  • Common: 85% Drop Chance

Mythical Personal Traits

  • Godly
    • +25% HP
    • +15% Stamina
    • +25% Cursed Energy
    • +25% Strength
    • +20% Speed
    • -30% Skill Cooldown
  • Unique
    • +10% HP
    • +10% Stamina
    • +15% Strength
    • +10% Speed
    • -5% Skill Cooldown
  • Gifted
    • 5% Speed
    • +10% Cursed Energy
    • +25% Curse Boost (Mimicry)

Legendary Personal Traits

  • Combat Master
    • +15% Strength
  • Godspeed
    • +15% Speed
    • -25% Skill Cooldown
  • Perfect Vessel
    • +20% Vessel Boost

Common Personal Traits

  • Fortress
    • +20% HP
  • Energy Master
    • +15% Cursed Energy
  • Tank
    • +8% HP
    • +10% Strength
  • Agile
    • +10% Speed

Tips for Acquiring Personal Characteristics in Jujutsu Chronicles

In order to acquire or change a Personal Trait, you must go see the Character Trait Scientist located by the Running Track, next to the Clan Trait Analyst NPC. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that spinning for a new Personal Trait requires Robux. No alternative methods are available to buy a reroll, rendering in-game currency useless for Personal Traits.

How to Check Your Personal Trait

Press your identification card to access the Personal Trait section. It shows the Personal Trait your character has and the buffs it provides at that moment.


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