Attack on Titan Revolution Skills Tier List


Attack on Titan Revolution Skills Tier List

When I started playing Attack on Titan Revolution on the Roblox platform, I immediately realized that choosing the right skills is key to success. There are many skills available, each of which can make a significant difference in the game. That's why I decided to compile this tiered list of skills to help you allocate your points effectively and dominate the battlefield.

Attack on Titan Revolution Skills Tier List

So, if you clicked on this Attack on Titan Revolution skill tier list, you probably have one of the skill trees in the game open! You don't want to waste your accumulated points on weak skills, so you want to know which ones are the best, right? Scroll down the page and take a look at our ratings for each type of skill.

S Tier

  • Hand Grider (Offense)
  • Shifter Regen (Family)
  • Acker Rage (Family – Ackerman)
  • Lethal Tempo (Offense)
  • Hardy Counter (Defense)
  • Bandages (Support)
  • Black Flare (Support)
  • Emergency Relocation (Defense)
  • Invigorate (Family – Yeager)
  • Resolve (Family – Yeager)
  • Corkscrew Punch (Titan skill)
  • Eject (Titan skill)

A Tier

  • Torrential Steel (Offense)
  • Counter (Defense)
  • Tough as Nails (Defense)
  • Command (Family – Reis)
  • Hardening (Titan skill)
  • Acoustic Shells (Support)
  • Portable Resupply (Support)
  • Order Advance (Support)
  • Drill Thrust (Offense)
  • Let it RIP (Family)
  • Arise (Family – Reis)
  • Brutal Stomp (Titan skill)
  • Upper Cut (Titan skill)
  • Roar (Titan skill)

B Tier

  • Berserk Mode (Family – Yeager)
  • Rising Slash (Offense)
  • Conquer (Family – Reis)
  • Red Flare (Support)
  • Order Rage (Support)
  • Swift Strikes (Family)
  • Last Stand (Family – Zoe)

C Tier

  • Blade Dance (Offense)

D Tier

  • Potato (Family)
Hopefully, this tier list of skills will help you make the right choice and become a true master in Attack on Titan Revolution. Good luck in battles against the titans!


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