How to Obtain an Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube


How to Obtain an Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube
Discovering the essence of an Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube, uncovering its acquisition methods, and delving into its capabilities are all elucidated in this comprehensive guide! Should you possess formidable and scarce units, expeditiously enhancing their attributes or seeking out fresh ones may be of utmost importance.

Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube

The Stat Upgrade Cube functions as a consumable item primarily aimed at enhancing one of your existing stats, particularly the Stat Potential. Each employment of the cube results in the augmentation of a single stat, albeit with the potential to amplify multiple attributes by accumulating multiple cubes.
Utilizing a Stat Upgrade Cube entails visiting the Stat Potential NPC situated in the main lobby, typically located within the Evolutions area. Upon locating the NPC, interaction enables you to scrutinize your unit’s stats thoroughly.

Initially, you designate the unit for assessment. Subsequently, you employ a Stat Upgrade Cube to initiate the process of acquiring either new or enhanced stats. It's important to note that securing a stronger stat isn't assured, hence necessitating the accumulation of a considerable quantity of Stat Upgrade Cubes to render the endeavor worthwhile.

How to Get a Stat Upgrade Cube

The exclusive method of acquiring a Stat Upgrade Cube is by participating in raids. Irrespective of the world you're immersed in, there exists a probability for Stat Upgrade Cubes to descend upon completion. The ongoing raids available for participation include: 
  • Infinite Train
    • Blazing Donut
  • Marine Town
    • Fire Fruit
  • Shidobi Forest
    • Kusen Sword
  • Silent Town
    • (This raid is yet to be added, but its arrival is imminent! Stay tuned for updates on its release.)


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