Attack on Titan Revolution Artifacts - How do I find them?


Attack on Titan Revolution Artifacts - How do I find them?
I'm here to solve the mystery of the Attack on Titan Revolution artifacts! Not sure what they are?it's okay.. Not sure how to get them? I also covered it!

Attack on Titan Revolution Artifacts

At Attack on Titan Revolution, artifacts are now a little bit mysterious. Though they are obviously quite different games, they seem to function similarly to the artifacts you get in Genshin Impact!

What are Artifacts?

It differs from Genshin, though, in that the stat rerolls don't raise the level of the relevant item. All they do is reroll the extra stat. Rerolling more than once gets expensive because the average cost is more than $22,500 every roll.

It's not always necessary to have the extra stat; "no stat" is a frequent drop. Certain rolls, like ODM Damage reduction, can even lower one of your stats. You can lock the extra stat in place by clicking the padlock icon once you're satisfied with it. This implies that you won't unintentionally reroll it!

There are several positions for artifacts, including Head, Neck, etc. They are rated from 3 to 5, with 4 stars serving as a solid middle ground, particularly because 5-star properties are hard to come by.

How to Obtain Artifacts

You can get artifacts by going through the achievements page! To finish each segment, simply accomplish all of the milestones that show up on the page. You can retrieve the item after completing every task on the page!

Remember that this is a lengthy procedure because achievement-hunting requires a lot of time. You must at least reach the late game if you wish to obtain every artifact.


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