Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get Gold and Gems Fast


Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get Gold and Gems Fast
Our "Attack On Titan RevolutionAttack On Titan Revolution: How to Get Gems and Gold Fast" guide shares the best methods to quickly accumulate gems and gold in the game, helping you save up efficiently!

Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get Gold and Gems Fast

Gems and gold are the currency in AOT Revolution, used to purchase better items and weapons. We've discovered the best methods to help you gather these resources quickly, allowing you to save up for something great! As the saying goes, good things don't come cheap.

Private Servers

Playing on a private server grants you an extra 5% boost in EXP, luck, and gold. You have the option to create a private server to enjoy the game with friends. This not only allows for enjoyable gameplay with your friends but also rewards you for doing so!

AFK Mode

The AFK mode in Attack On Titan Revolution is a zone where you can obtain gold and gems without actively playing. To enter this mode, simply choose 'AFK Zone' from the main menu. Once in the mode, you can keep the game window open or let it run in the background without any interaction required. When you're ready, click on the yellow 'Claim' button at the bottom of the screen to collect your rewards, which will then be added to your total. After claiming your rewards, you'll be taken back to the main menu.


During Prestige in Attack On Titan Revolution, you earn memories as a reward. When selecting a memory, you'll be presented with options such as Luck Boost, EXP Boost, and Gold Boost. Opt for the Gold Boost to receive additional gold as part of your rewards.


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