Project Mugetsu Quests - all areas in the game


Project Mugetsu Quests - all areas in the game
Certain Project Mugetsu quests are essential for advancing in the game, while others are more conducive to leveling up your character. I've organized all the quests based on the various locations where they can be found.

Project Mugetsu Quests 

Given the extensive variety of quests available in Project Mugetsu, ranging from essential to optional, there's certainly a wealth of content to explore and experience.

Important Karakura Quests

These quests serve as pivotal steps toward becoming a Soul Reaper, Shinigami, Quincy, or FullBringer in Project Mugetsu.
  1. Kisuke Location: Karakura Town Requirement: Human character Kisuke offers a level 1+ quest enabling you to become a Soul Reaper by defeating a Hollow.

  2. Fresh Location: Karakura Town Requirement: Human character Unlocks Quincy path upon completing the level 1+ quest, which involves defeating a Shinigami.

  3. Douda Location: Karakura Town, near the hospital Part of the Quincy upgrade quest and unlocks Volstanding.

  4. Aizen Location: Karakura Town Requirement: Human character Unlocks Hollow path after defeating a Shinigami in the level 1+ quest.

  5. Samook Unlocks FullBringer after defeating 4 human players, not NPCs.

Regular Karakura Quests

These NPCs provide a range of straightforward quests, including tasks such as item delivery or enemy defeat missions.
  • Vizier
  • GhostxAura
  • Billy
  • Fahan
  • QniiChan
  • Zenokei
  • Baloish
  • SamTEC
  • Mikey
  • Artist 3.0
  • Painless

Important Hueco Mundo Quests

  • Tyrone
    • Bring a Hollow Mask to this NPC to gain access to Yhwach
    • It’s a crucial quest for Quincy players

Regular Hueco Mundo Quests

Straightforward quests that offer rewards for your time!

  • Sammy
    • Kill 3 Adjuchas
    • Level 30
  • Fast
    • Kill 4 Strange Menoscars
    • Level 100
  • Dalu
    • Kill Starrk
    • Level 80
  • Lewandowski
    • Kill 7 Arrancars
    • Level 75
  • Fadooudah
    • Kill 4 Hollows
    • Level 15
  • Kensa
    • Kill 3 Vasto Lorde
    • Level 75
  • Notti
    • Kill Arrogant
    • Level 80
  • Midoriya
    • Kill 4 Enhanced Vasto Lorde
    • Level 120

Soul Society Quests

So, in the Soul Society quests, the primary objective revolves around defeating particular enemies. Is there a specific strategy or approach you're considering for tackling these adversaries?

  • Kounde
    • Defeat Toshiro
  • Leia
    • Defeat Ichigo
  • Biscuit
    • Defeat Gin
  • Senbu
    • Defeat Byakura
  • Taka
    • Defeat Yamamoto

Wandenreich Quests

It sounds like the Wandenreich area may be lacking significant quests currently. Is there anything specific you're hoping to see added or improved in that region?

  • Smush
    • Kill Bambietta
    • Level 65


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