Best Cero Path in Type Soul


Best Cero Path in Type Soul
Curious about the optimal Cero Path in Type Soul? I've selected my preferred Cero Path along with the second-best option, and I'll delve into the reasons behind my choices.

Best Cero Path in Type Soul

You'll observe that my top two choices for a Cero Path share similar characteristics. I prioritize area-of-effect damage that effectively holds back multiple adversaries, preventing them from landing additional strikes. Moreover, both paths heavily depend on your Speed, Kido, Kendo, and Hakuda abilities!

Tri Cero

It sounds like you've made a compelling case for the Tri Cero Path! Its ability to unleash a Cero beam straight ahead, which then splits into three, offers significant tactical advantages. The additional beams provide wide-reaching area-of-effect damage, effectively targeting multiple adversaries simultaneously.

Moreover, the considerable reach of these beams ensures that even enemies positioned farther away can be struck. The Tri Cero also offers supplementary buffs, enhancing its overall effectiveness in combat.

Given that the charge-up of Tri Cero is influenced by your Speed stat, investing Skill Points into this attribute in the skill tree is advisable. Additionally, the damage output of Tri Cero scales with your proficiency in Kendo and Hakuda, while the size of the attack correlates with your mastery of Kido. To fully capitalize on the Tri Cero Path, it's essential to ensure that your Kendo/Hakuda, Kido, and Speed skill trees are adequately upgraded.

Runner Up: Cero Cornea

Selecting Cero Cornea as the second-best option is a strategic choice, indeed. This technique unleashes a green semi-circle on the ground, effectively striking all enemies within its radius. The knockback effect of this semi-circle serves as a defensive measure, preventing adversaries from landing hits on you.

Similar to Tri Cero, the charge speed of Cero Cornea is influenced by your Speed stat. Additionally, the size of the semi-circle is contingent upon your proficiency in Kido, while the damage output scales with your mastery of Kendo/Hakuda. This parallel in mechanics between Cero Cornea and Tri Cero underscores their effectiveness in combat scenarios.


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