Attack On Titan Revolution Perks Tier List


Attack On Titan Revolution Perks Tier List
Greetings adventurers! For those who've delved into battling titans within the realm of Attack on Titan Revolution on Roblox, you're likely aware that selecting the optimal perks can elevate you to hero status, while misguided choices may result in defeat. Hence, let's discuss the perks worth considering and those best avoided.

Attack On Titan Revolution Perks Tier List

S-Tier: These perks are invaluable treasures that truly empower you as a titan fighter. With unique and potent abilities, they render you nearly invincible on the battlefield. Ensure your slots are filled with these gems if victory is your aim.

A-Tier: Also deserving of attention, these perks may not match the raw power of S-Tier ones, yet they offer significant advantages in combat. Consider them as worthy alternatives if your S-Tier slots are occupied.

B-Tier: While they have their moments, these perks lack the overall usefulness of higher-tier options. Reserve them as a fallback when no other choices remain.

C and D Tier: Unfortunately, these perks languish at the bottom of our tier list, providing minimal to no advantage. It's best to steer clear of them if success is your goal.

Remember, success in the world of Attack on Titan Revolution hinges on factors beyond perks alone, such as teamwork, tactics, and coordination. Nevertheless, selecting the right perks can elevate you to legendary status on the battlefield.

S Tier

  • Font of Vitality (Legendary Defense)
  • Courage Catalyst (Legendary Support)
  • Peerless Commander (Legendary Support)
  • Sixth Sense (Legendary Support)
  • Gear Master (Legendary Support)
  • Peerless Constitution (Legendary Defense)
  • Indefatigable (Legendary Core)
  • Unparalleled Strength (Legendary Offense)
  • Eviscerate (Legendary Offense)
  • Carnifex (Legendary Offense)
  • Robust (Legendary Defense)
  • Invincible (Legendary Defense)

A Tier

  • Reckless Abandon (Epic Offense)
  • Mutilate (Epic Offense)
  • Unbreakable (Epic Defense)
  • Stalwart Durability (Epic Defense)
  • Aegis (Legendary Defense)
  • Perfect Soul (Legendary Core)
  • Resilient (Epic Core)
  • Solo (Epic Core)
  • Gear Expert (Epic Support)
  • Trauma Battery (Epic Support)
  • Critical Hunter (Epic Core)
  • Sanctified (Legendary Offense)
  • Peerless Focus (Legendary Offense)
  • Heightened Vitality (Rare Defense)
  • Experimental Shells (Rare Support)

B Tier

  • Exhumation (Legendary Support)
  • Adrenaline (Epic Support)
  • Siphoning (Epic Support)
  • Fully Stocked (Rare Support)
  • Enhanced Metabolism (Common Core)
  • Flawed Release (Epic Offense)
  • Focus (Epic Offense)
  • Perfect Form (Legendary Core)
  • Tyrant’s Stare (Legendary Core)
  • Luminous (Epic Offense)
  • Peerless Strength (Epic Offense)
  • Speedy (Epic Offense)
  • Mangle (Rare Offense)
  • Forceful (Rare Offense)
  • Hardy (Epic Defense)
  • Gear Intermediate (Rare Support)
  • Safeguard (Epic Defense)
  • Unyielding (Rare Defense)
  • Protection (Rare Defense)
  • Enduring (Common Defense)
  • Fortitude (Common Defense)

C Tier

  • Blessed (Rare Offense)
  • Tough (Rare Defense)
  • Mighty (Common Offense)
  • Cripple (Common Offense)
  • Flame Rhapsody (Legendary Core)
  • Wind Rhapsody (Legendary Core)
  • Lightweight (Rare Offense)
  • Extra Bandage (Common Support)

D Tier

  • ODM Gear Beginner (Common Support)
  • Lucky (Common Offense)
  • Hollow (Common Offense)


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