Anime Fantasy Tier List – best units

Anime Fantasy Tier List – best units

Hello everyone! If you're like me, eagerly searching for the ultimate Anime Fantasy team, you've landed in the perfect spot. Today, I'll be sharing my insights and suggestions on assembling the most formidable team possible. That's right, we're diving into crafting the ideal Anime Fantasy tier list.

Before we delve in, let's get straight to the heart of the matter. Anime Fantasy stands as an enthralling game on the Roblox platform, where each player can curate their distinctive team and engage in battles against fellow players or monsters. Naturally, the crux of this game lies in team composition, blending various units seamlessly.

Anime Fantasy Tier List

Without further ado, let's explore the Anime Fantasy tier list, ranging from S to D. Sitting at the summit are the S-tier units, rare and formidable, capable of transforming your team into unstoppable forces. Acquiring them might pose a challenge, but possessing even one elevates your odds of victory significantly.

Next up is category A, featuring reliable and potent units that bolster your team substantially. While not as elusive as S-tiers, they nonetheless possess the prowess to render your team nearly invincible.

In category B, we find units that are commendable yet lack the decisive impact of A and S-tier counterparts. They serve well in early game stages or as supplementary assets.

Continuing our tier list journey, category C harbors units handy in specific situations, though stronger alternatives typically reside in higher tiers.

Lastly, category D accommodates units best suited as reserves. Despite certain advantages, their drawbacks often outweigh their utility when compared to units in higher tiers.

Remember, within the Anime Fantasy game, there exist invaluable codes capable of unlocking diverse rewards. Utilize them to further enhance your team and ascend the ranks to glory!

S Tier

  • Giorna Giovana (Legendary)
  • SoundNinja (Legendary)
  • Lar (Epic)
  • Sion (Epic)
  • Gaaro (Epic)
  • Brulo
  • FireFist (Mythic)

A Tier

  • Naruta Mask Form
  • RockRay (Epic)
  • Kizzua (Epic)
  • Jeno (Epic)
  • Kakasho (Epic)

B Tier

  • Nezuka (Epic)
  • Boruta (Epic)
  • Gree (Epic)

C Tier

  • Zenitsa (Rare)
  • Inosuka (Rare)
  • Sasuka (Rare)
  • Usap (Rare)
  • Zoru (Rare)
  • Laffy (Rare)
  • Sanjo (Rare)
  • Ichiga (Rare)
  • Tanjira (Rare)

D Tier

  • Jotare (Rare)
  • BlackHairKaneka (Rare)
So, dear friends, I trust this Anime Fantasy tier list will aid you in crafting the ultimate team and achieving triumph in your adventures. Best of luck in your battles and endeavors to conquer new heights!


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