A Dusty Trip Backpack - full guide


A Dusty Trip Backpack - full guide
The recent update to the A Dusty Trip Backpack is incredibly valuable! Having ample item storage is indispensable in a game of this nature—and truthfully, in any game.

A Dusty Trip Backpack

The backpack is used for exactly what you think!

What is the Backpack Used For?

You can set down the backpack and fill it with items you want to keep for later use. This could include anything from weapons and miscellaneous items to even dynamite! Essentially, it serves as an enhanced storage feature with more interactivity than simply accessing a menu. However, some items like larger objects and non-collectibles cannot be stored.

One of the greatest aspects of the backpack is its ability to retain items for your next gaming session. So, if you exit the game and start a new one, your stored items will still be inside the backpack! Additionally, when you drop the backpack, you can move away from it and instruct it to respawn at your new location. This eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth trips to retrieve it when collecting items from distant locations.

What Can the Backpack Store?

The backpack offers up to 8 free slots for storing your items. The initial backpack version includes 4 slots, the second upgrade provides 5 slots, and the final upgrade grants 8 slots in total. Here are the items that can be stored:
  • All types of food
  • Dynamite
  • AK47
  • Axe
  • Pistol
  • Katana
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Fly Swatter
  • Bottle
  • Vase
  • Football
  • Flashlight
  • Bowling Pin
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cinderblock
  • Bowling Ball
Each player starts with the standard backpack, but acquiring the upgraded versions involves a drop rate chance. The first upgrade, which provides 6 slots, has a 1 in 9,240 chance of dropping, while the second upgrade for 8 slots has a 13,860 chance. However, in Ghost Town, the odds are significantly improved. The 6-slot backpack has a 1 in 264 chance, and the 8-slot backpack has a 1 in 396 chance!


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